Abdominal adhesions: Surgical treatment and prevention (literature review)

  • Дмитрий Клюйко Belarusian State Medical University, 83, pr. Dzerzhinskogo, Minsk, 220116, Republic of Belarus
  • Владимир Корик Belarusian State Medical University, 83, pr. Dzerzhinskogo, Minsk, 220116, Republic of Belarus
  • Алексей Сивец Belarusian State Medical University, 83, pr. Dzerzhinskogo, Minsk, 220116, Republic of Belarus


The ongoing discussion on the diagnosis and tactics of surgical treatment of painful forms of adhesions of the abdominal cavity and adhesive intestinal obstruction testifies to the persistent urgency of this problem. The presence of a postoperative scar and recurrent abdominal pain are interpreted by surgeons and gastroenterologists as adhesive disease, with the appointment of the same type of treatment. At the same time, patients have a reduced critical attitude to their condition, which leads them to late seeking medical help. For the occurrence of the adhesion process, a long-term effect of a complex of factors is necessary, an important place among which is blood supply, oxygen access to tissues and peristalsis in the early postoperative period. The most effective methods of treatment and prevention of intestinal obstruction
are low-traumatic surgical technologies. There was no statistically significant difference between open and laparoscopic adhesiolysis in the number of intraoperative intestinal injuries, wound infections and mortality. Laparoscopic operations have fewer general and pulmonary complications than open ones. Reducing fibroblast proliferation, minimizing hypoxia and inflammation are a new preventive solution to the problem of adhesion formation.


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