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In recent years, many studies are tackling the problem of the oral and gut microbiota as a provoking factor for AD and other neurodegenerative diseases, but their relationship and specific pathophysiological mechanisms remain understudied. The microbiota of the oral cavity can be of particular importance due to the specificity of microorganisms and their localization, as well as the possibility of provoking neuroinflammation, which requires further study. This review covers the specific features of the oral microbiota, current views on the pathophysiological role of the oral microbiota in the development of AD, as well as the beneficial role of probiotics. The study of this issue can have an important practical application both for the early diagnosis of AD, and for its further treatment.</p> Наталия Гаврилова, Никита Гладышев, Анна Котрова, Анастасия Морозова, Лидия Сопрун, Виктория Воловникова, Александр Шишкин Copyright (c) 2020 Наталия Гаврилова, Никита Гладышев, Анна Котрова, Анастасия Морозова, Лидия Сопрун, Виктория Воловникова, Александр Шишкин https://medicine-journal.spbu.ru/article/view/9950 Пн, 25 янв 2021 00:00:00 +0300 Medical-biological significance of specific CIC and good perspectives of immune complex disintegration using ultrasonic in laboratory diagnostics of HIV-infection* https://medicine-journal.spbu.ru/article/view/10187 <p>The article contains data, characterizing results variations of specific laboratory HIV-infection diagnostics after ultrasonic exposure directed at biological objects of blood serum. Detailed consideration of biophysical and medical aspects of tissues response on ultrasonic exposure, including immune complexes dissociation, accompanied by antibodies and antigens appearance, previously being in bound state and inaccessible for revealing by laboratory methods was carried out. On the example of HIV-infection good perspectives of ultrasonic application for immune complexes disintegration in laboratory diagnostics is demonstrated.</p> Владимир Пастушенков, Юрий Митин, Александр Семенов, Диана Валутите, Сергей Дудников, Мадина Габаева Copyright (c) 2020 Владимир Пастушенков, Юрий Митин, Александр Семенов, Диана Валутите, Сергей Дудников, Мадина Габаева https://medicine-journal.spbu.ru/article/view/10187 Пн, 25 янв 2021 00:00:00 +0300 Organizational issues of re-socialization in penitentiary psychiatry (analytical review) https://medicine-journal.spbu.ru/article/view/10173 <p>The article deals with the medical and social rehabilitation and resocialization provision for persons in the space of penitentiary psychiatry. The article analyzes the data of Russian and foreign sources, including the regulatory framework, considers the principles of providing psychiatric care to persons who commit socially dangerous acts (SDA) and suffering from mental disorders. The existing approaches to resocialization and adaptation of persons after serving a sentence in the form of imprisonment in the post-penitentiary space are analyzed. The principles of providing psychiatric care in correctional institutions with the use of regulations governing the appointment and implementation of compulsory medical treatment measures (CMTM) in correctional institutions are noted. The data reflecting the organizational approaches and possibilities of medical and social rehabilitation and resocialization for the studied category of persons on the basis of legal, medical and social criteria are analyzed and presented in the form of the author’s matrix. The need to develop and use tools for online communication based on digital technologies in the process of organizing psychiatric care for the specified contingent of persons is substantiated in order to create conditions for effective medical and social rehabilitation as well as re-socialization in the post-penitentiary space.</p> Александр Федонников, Анжелика Нилова, Елена Андриянова Copyright (c) 2020 Александр Федонников, Анжелика Нилова, Елена Андриянова https://medicine-journal.spbu.ru/article/view/10173 Пн, 25 янв 2021 00:00:00 +0300 Influence of reproductively significant autoantibodies on the quality of oocytes, obtained embryos and the chances of implantation in Assisted Reproductive Technologies cycles. Literature review* https://medicine-journal.spbu.ru/article/view/9912 <p>There is evidence suggesting that autoimmune mechanisms may influence fertility, manifesting as infertility or pregnancy loss. Numerous autoimmune diseases, including but not limited to systemic lupus erythematosus, anti-phospholipid syndrome and Hashimoto thyroiditis may be associated with infertility and pregnancy loss through different putative mechanisms. It is notable that fertility may be impaired in the presence of serum autoantibodies regardless of the presence of a clinically overt autoimmune disease. Autoimmunity may affect all stages of fertility via ovarian failure, implantation failure, and pregnancy loss. This review article will illustrate and discuss the available data on the link between chances of achieving pregnancy through Assisted Reproductive Technologies in real clinical setting in the presence of several autoantibodies affecting female reproductive system. Summarizing the available data from the world literature, it can be concluded that necessity exist in development of a reproductively significant antibodies line in application to direct, cross-over and cumulative assessment of the role of autoimmune antibodies carriage in the implementation of reproductive failures,bearing in mind new approaches to the strategy of overcoming autoimmune reproductive failure.</p> Галина Сафарян, Александр Гзгзян, Ляиля Джемлиханова, Дарико Ниаури, Александра Знобишина, Елена Бородина, Nguyen Cong Tuan Copyright (c) 2020 Галина Сафарян, Александр Гзгзян, Ляиля Джемлиханова, Дарико Ниаури, Александра Знобишина, Елена Бородина, Nguyen Cong Tuan https://medicine-journal.spbu.ru/article/view/9912 Пн, 25 янв 2021 00:00:00 +0300 Assessment of the quality of medical care provided to patients in a psychiatric hospital https://medicine-journal.spbu.ru/article/view/10099 <p>Monitoring and evaluation of the quality of medical care provided to patients is essential in any medical specialty, but especially in relation to specialized care in mental health hospitals. The aim of our work is to assess the quality of specialized medical care provided to patients in the psychiatric hospital. We have examined 270 medical records and internal quality control cards of patients hospitalized from 2015 to 2019 in the Psychiatric Clinical Hospital No. 4 of the Moscow Healthcare Department (hereinafter referred to as “PCH No. 4” of MHD). The quality control of the provided medical care was carried out twice with the assessment of each studied section in the range from 0 to 1 point. Thus, it was possible to calculate the overall medical care quality coefficient with a description of the defects found in the provision of medical services. After the first control, quality coefficient appeared to be 0.86 (0.79; 0.91), and after the second one 0.95 (0.92; 0.96). During the second control, which was conducted in 2019, the medical care quality was significantly higher (p = 0.011) compared to the results of 2015–2018. The total share of detected defects in the medical-diagnostic process in a psychiatric hospital was 40.7 % (and was captured in 110 out of 270 cases). The results of our study demonstrate the necessity of medical care internal quality monitoring in a psychiatric hospital, since it contributes not only to the improvement of overall quality of medical treatment, but also to timely detection and reduction of the number of defects in the medical-diagnostic process.</p> Ирина Шикина, Давид Давидов Copyright (c) 2020 Ирина Шикина, Давид Давидов https://medicine-journal.spbu.ru/article/view/10099 Пн, 25 янв 2021 00:00:00 +0300 Optimization of the work of a nutritionist physician using tools of lean technologies in a simulated clinic https://medicine-journal.spbu.ru/article/view/10097 <p>The article presents the possibilities of implementing the priority project “New model of medical organization providing primary health care” aimed at increasing the accessibility and satisfaction of patients with the quality of medical care. An example of an outpatient dietary consultation shows the resources for detecting medical losses and ways of optimizing the activities of medical personnel using the tools of lean technologies. The article reflects the experience of the Training Centre for lean technologies in health care of the Saint Petersburg State pediatric medical university, created in 2018 with the aim of training medical workers of different specialties to use tools of economical production in conditions of simulated clinic. The conduct of business games and “The Factories of Processes” makes it possible to reconstruct the work of the individual office or the entire polyclinic. The possibility of standardization of<br>medical processes, use of check-lists in the work and organization of each cabinet, introduction of the system “5S” and identification of medical losses with subsequent optimization of the initial reception is presented. In this work “The Process Factory” “The optimization of the appointment of a doctor-specialist” is presented, allowing to make a detailed analysis of the duration and structure of the reception, to perform the mapping of medical processes and to use visual management, considering the efficiency, Safety and quality of the doctor’s work. The acquired skills in simulated conditions help to implement this methodology and effectively use the tools of lean technologies in practice.</p> Олег Лисовский, Александр Гостимский, Иван Лисица, Анна Завьялова, Игорь Карпатский Copyright (c) 2020 Олег Лисовский, Александр Гостимский, Иван Лисица, Анна Завьялова, Игорь Карпитский https://medicine-journal.spbu.ru/article/view/10097 Пн, 25 янв 2021 00:00:00 +0300 Application of cellular and artificial membranes in nanomedicine https://medicine-journal.spbu.ru/article/view/9831 <p>The use of nanoparticles in treatment and diagnostics of a number of disorders is becoming more and more popular. Further investigations are needed for improving the specificity of nanoparticle action, precisely targeted drug delivery, decreasing opsonization of nanoparticles by macrophages. Numerous ways of nanoparticle surface modification have been successfully tested for increasing their therapeutic potential and reducing possible side effects. Nanoparticle encapsulation using plasma membranes of red blood cells as well as other cell types has been recently introduced. This field of translational medicine substantially expands opportunities for nanoparticle application in clinical diagnostics and therapy of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, in vaccine development etc. This review focuses on ways, advantages and disadvantages of using cellular membranes in nanomedicine. Application of artificial lipid membranes<br>in nanoparticles encapsulation is proposed.</p> Михаил Галкин Copyright (c) 2020 Михаил Галкин https://medicine-journal.spbu.ru/article/view/9831 Пн, 25 янв 2021 00:00:00 +0300